Webinar Replay:Salesforce Data Mastery Roundtable: Protecting Data in Times of Accelerating Change

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2020 has a year unlike any other—particularly when it comes to data security and privacy. A year that began with concerns driven by regulations and risks ended with a global data collection effort of unprecedented scale as the world responded to COVID-19. 

Watch your host and Odaseva Technical Architect Susannah St. Germain and a panel of experts in Salesforce data security for a discussion of how priorities and strategies have shifted, how to maintain clarity amid the chaos, and how Salesforce architects should prepare for the data challenges coming next.

Panelists include:

  • Izak Mutlu, Former Salesforce CISO 
  • Jeff Blanchard, Salesforce Senior Director of Architecture and Solution Engineering
  • Karishma Lalwani, Salesforce Director of Product Management and CTA 
  • Tameem Bahri, Capgemini CTO and CTA

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